A portfolio of bets

Throughout our experience as a digital studio, building products for others, one of the things that we always loved was the ability to work in different industries, different geographies on different problems… every single day. Our move into our own product offering reflects just that: a diversified approach that enables us to apply our knowledge, diversify our risk and…. experiment. One thing we learned is that no matter how many assumptions you make, only by building, experimenting and tweaking will you figure things out — this is what we’re setting ourselves to do with AediLabs. 

Some of our products will be bigger in scope and ambition, but many are small tools to fix specific, small problems. And that’s by design. As we go into building and then scaling we know the following:


What we believe in

With our portfolio of products you’ll find different verticals, target audiences and types of products. But you’ll (hopefully) always see the things below. These represent what we believe in — call it our values, if you will. 
Saw a product that you believe doesn’t embody one of these? Shoot us a message, we love accountability. 


We believe a lot of smaller (not mission critical) SaaS are priced too high. Not all tools are worth 19.99$/user/month. This makes that some good ideas don’t take off and — we believe — as capital dries up and companies rethink their SaaS spending, this will result in churn for those not-mission-critical tools without a solid MOAT. We believe in always charging aligned with the value we’re actually delivering.

The World is a
Big Place

Although we’ll mostly launch in english and towards a global market, we’re not a US-company-first. Therefore we know the world is a big place, with a lot of languages, cultures, habits and opportunities.

We’ll always try to localize our products to our best ability. To serve these users — and also take the uncaptured share of the market that doesn’t speak english or is “a tech startup”. 

is Success

Through our experience we’ve learnt that most people are willing to forgive mistakes if you own it up, show up and do well by your promises. 

Support is not an after-thought or a necessity but at the core of what we want to do with AediLabs. We want to make sure you know that — regardless of what specific product you buy — if you’re buying a AediLabs product, you’re buying a guarantee of boundless support.

Experience is

Most of our products have a great deal of focus on the experience — not jus the looks of the product, but how it is like to use them. Thinking through the business use-cases, the edge scenarios, the ideal user experience.

We want to make sure the things we build are things we’d like to use ourselves. After all, we’re builders at our core.

Not all Eggs

One of the things we love about AediLabs is our ability to diversify our bets, making us more resilient and less reliant on a single product, a single industry to grow and learn from.


Although we charge fairly, all of our products have an underlaying business model that doesn’t rely on selling user information for a living.  We will never sell user data or profit out of the data users trust us in whatever product we built or build. 

Iterate Fast

We believe in iterating fast. Listening to feedback and adjusting, improving, fixing, growing. This will help us understand what works and what doesn’t and focus on what does.

A fun exercise

We believe building digital products should be a fun exercise. Something we like doing. When it stops being so, we’ll stop.

We believe that if it is fun and exciting to build, it will be fun and exciting to use.